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Kammerflage Kreations


Repashy Ventures is proud to announce the endorsement of its products by Ed and Liddy Kammer of Kammerflage Kreations www.chameleonsonly.com

I have known the Kammers for a long time and consider them to be pioneers in chameleon breeding and great ambassadors to the hobby. Their focus on bloodlines, housing and nutrition and excellent customer service (resulting in exceptional chameleon stock) . . . have established them as very influential people when it comes to giving chameleon related advice.

About five years ago, I asked Ed to take some samples of my products and try them with a small portion of his colony and do some “side by side” comparisons. Ed was having great success with his current regiment at the time, and was reluctant to try anything new.  I explained to him that while there was no arguing that what they were doing did work, his protocol was quite detailed and a little hard to follow for a first time chameleon keeper.

Having one product that could be simply used at every feeding, sounded too good to be true.  Ed realized that if indeed it was, it could really simplify his protocol and that of his customers.  In turn, this would increase the likelihood of customer success.  So after a lot of discussion, and some preliminary testing of samples I provided, Kammerflage decided to commit to a long and extensive comparison of my product against their current multiple product rotation routine.

Ed said that he wouldn't endorse any product until he raised hatchlings on it, bred them, and raised their offspring through reproductive activity . . . meaning it would be 2-3 years before he would have an answer for me. I wouldn't expect anything less, and I agreed that good or bad, he would be free to share his results with the industry.

So now, three years after the study began, I am proud to share with you the following press release from Kammerflage Kreations:

Kammerflage Kreations announces its endorsement of Repashy Superfoods, Calcium Plus!

After close to three years of trials using Calcium Plus as the only supplement for selected groups of our Panther Chameleons, we are delighted to report excellent results! During our testing we have successfully raised hundreds of baby Panther Chameleons, using Calcium Plus as the exclusive supplement for those babies. Calcium Plus, from Repashy Superfoods, is an “All in One” insect dusting product, providing essential vitamins, calcium, minerals and trace elements. Easy and effective, you can now use one product every time you feed your Panther instead of rotating between several different products. Your life just got easier! We have been impressed with Allen’s science (https://www.store.repashy.com/calcium-and-d-3.html) from the beginning and feel his company is on the cutting edge of herp nutrition . . . but with so much at stake, we needed to “SEE” the results for ourselves before we would consider recommending Calcium Plus to “our own customers”. Well, based on the results we have witnessed for close to three years now (with hundreds of our own Panthers), we are believers! It is with great enthusiasm that we are now promoting Calcium Plus as the best alternative for each and every time you dust your feeder insects for your Panther Chameleon(s).