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Entamoeba invadens-- AKA the Rhacodactylus Plague
Disease Causing Organism in Captive Crested Gecko Population   This is a reprint of a post made on the... More

Rhacodactylus ciliatus The Perfect Pet Gecko
This is the unedited version of my article for the Reptiles USA 2002... More

Vitamins and Minerals in the Superfood Products
Calcium,Phosphorous, and Vitamin D-3 in Repashy Superfoods This article will give details on the use of Calcium and Vitamin D-3 in my... More
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Incubation Methods, Materials, and Techniques
  Reptile Egg Incubation: Media and Management Methods   Reptile egg incubation can be a rewarding and frustrating experience. There... More

Measurement Conversion Tools
Area Conversion Tool Length Conversion Tool Temperature Conversion Tool Volume Conversion Tool... More

Medical Terminology & Calculators
Medical Terms Prescription Drug Dosage Calculator Dose Measurement Calculator More

Can Feeder Insect Diets Contribute To Gout In Reptiles?
The Roach Revolution Revelation (A theory about Reptile Gout) The current trend of the increased usage of Cockroaches as feeders, may have some... More
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