The Herpetoculture of Leopard Geckos

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This book has been out of print since 2010. We just found a single case of this book in our old inventory. These books are brand new and in their original sealed condition. This is a must have book for serious Leopard Gecko Keepers. When they are gone, they are gone.

Finally a more advanced book on the most popular pet lizard in the world. All aspects of husbandry are covered in great detail, including sexing of juveniles, genetics, breeding outcomes, and the many effects of incubation temperature. All the major color and pattern morphs are represented. Chapters are devoted to the design of naturalistic and mixed species vivaria. A special emphasis is placed on social behaviors, including the results of the infamous cannibalism and Huddleson experiments. Roger Klingenberg DVM, a specialist in reptile parasites, presents the most thorough coverage to date on the diseases of leopard geckos and their treatment. Illustrated with 250 color photos

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