Repashy Fish Gel Premixes

Super Green

This formula is specifically designed for freshwater green algae grazing species of fish and invertebrates. It contains moderate levels of protein and the first two ingredients are Chlorella and Spirulina Algae. This formula contains no animal based ingredients and is Vegan. This makes it quite different from our “Soilent Green” formula which also contains high levels of green algae, but contains whole fish, squid, and krill ingredients.

True herbivores and algaevores have longer digestive tracts in order to break down plant cell walls and extract the nutrients they encapsulate. Specialized feeders like this can have difficulty processing animal proteins and fats, and they are by no means a large part of their natural diet. Tropheus, Petrochromis, Ancistrus, Otocinclus and many other species of fish, as well as specialized algae eating Shrimp and Snails, should find this an excellent staple diet. Omnivorous species will also enjoy this as part of a varied rotation.

Spawn & Grow

This  formula is designed for Broodstock conditioning  and the initial raising of fry. It contains high levels of fat (>14%)  and Protein >45%, which gives fish that extra source of energy and nutrients they need to build the reserves required for spawing  and fast growth. It is also quite suitable as a “recovery formula” for the acclamation of freshly imported fish that have become malnourished due to the stress of capture and lack of food during holding and transportation. It is designed to be used for conditioning only in most species of omnivores and piscivores . It is not recommended for strict Herbivores. Carnivorous species that specialize in eating insect larvae, eggs, and other high fat food sources, may find this a good staple diet.

It contains high levels of essential fatty acids and a balanced ratio of EPA to DHA. It also contains additional Arachidonic Acid (ARA), which is considered by many to be an essential fatty acid in Marine fish species that are not able to synthesize it from the conversion of Alpha Linolenic Acid.  ARA has been shown to increase spawning activity, fertility, and fry survival.  It has also shown to be valuable in reducing stress. The formula also contains the amino acid Taurine (directly supplemented as 1% of crude protein) , which is now considered by many to be an essential amino acid  for many species of carnivorous freshwater and Marine fish . Taurine is a free amino acid that, because it is also has high activity as an anti-oxidant, can quickly be depleted in processed meals. We have doubled the amount of Vitamin C in this formula compared to our regular diets, and we use the highly stable form Ascorbic Acid Phosphate. We also include high amounts of the phospholipid lecithin, (5%) which are essential in the transport of fat throughout the body, aiding in absorption and potentially reducing fatty liver issues.


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Meat Pie

The meat pie formula is extremely high in bio available protein. (more than 55%). This formula is designed for fresh and saltwater meat eating carnivores and scavengers It features Whole Sardine Meal, Whole Squid Meal, Whole Krill Meal as its primary ingredients . It has protein levels that replicate that of whole aquatic animal organisms such as fish, crustaceans, insects, and mollusks.  It should be used as the staple diet for carnivores. It can also be used as an occasional treat, or for conditioning omnivorous species but is too high in protein for constant feeding to omnivores. Meat Pie is also separately labeled for Reptile and Amphibian use and is suitable for feeding  species of Turtles, Newts, and Lizards. 45% protein

Soilent Green.

This fresh and saltwater formula is labeled for “Aufwuchs” eaters, which is a combination of Green Algae, Diatoms, small plants, along with the small organisms such as insect larvae, crustaceans, rotifers, protazoans, and snails, that live with them on the surface of hard substrates such as rocks . Many species of fish such as Mbuna Cichlids  and Plecos are well developed for scraping these hard surfaces for whatever nutrients they can find. These species do eat a lot of algae, but it is the small meaty treats that they relish and what really makes them grow and thrive. This formula is a no expense spared blend of algae (25% of formula), combined with highest quality aquatic animal protein, to provide a perfect blend of algae and aquatic organism protein.  This product can be used as an all around omnivore diet for fish, shrimp, crabs, and snails, but if your tank consists of species that rarely eat algae, our “Community Plus” Omnivore Gel might be a better choice. 45% protein.

Shrimp Soufflé

This  fresh and saltwater  “Scavenger Formula” is an omnivore formula specifically designed for aquatic and semi aquatic Invertebrates. It is high in Calcium, and has double the carotenoid levels of the other Repashy Gel formulas to insure a strong exoskeleton and great coloration.  Omnivorous species of Shrimp, Crabs, and Crayfish have an extremely high attraction to Mollusks. We feature whole Squid meal (squid is a Mollusk)  as the primary ingredient in this formula to maximize palatability. Many species of Loach also are highly attracted to mollusks (snails) and this should be the formula of choice for loach specialists. It has moderate levels of protein from a combination of Algae, Animal, Green Plants, and Yeast to replicate the diverse diet of scavenging species. This formula can be also be used for omnivorous fish species, particularly as a color enhancer because of its higher carotenoid levels.

Community Plus

This fresh and saltwater formula is our “I want to one food for everything” answer that contains a balanced combination of aquatic animal, algae, yeast, and plant ingredients. It is a great choice for a tank with a wide variety of species. It features whole krill meal as the primary ingredient, which is one of the most widely accepted feed ingredients available anywhere. Everything loves Krill. Krill also contains high levels of chitin which can be of benefit for  longfin species of fish such as  Tetras, Livebearers and Angelfish. This formula has moderate protein levels by our standards (higher than most other brands “high protein” formulas) to reduce water fouling and satisfy the needs of a variety of species. 40% protein.