Rhacodactylus: The Complete Guide to Their Selection and Care

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This book is now out of print and there is no plan to print a second edition!

The Complete Guide to their Selection and Care
Written by Philippe de Vosjoli, Frank Fast, and Allen Repashy
290 pages, 250 color photos - Published by Advanced Visions, Inc

The praises are pouring in!
“…Awesome!” ,“The amount of information is mind-boggling” , "…Kept me up all night”, "…A revelation”, "…A beautiful book”, “...Incredible photographs!”, “…a shot in the arm for herpetoculture.” etc…
*From e-mails on record and phone calls. 

  • Loaded with photos of new morphs such as striped crested geckos, creamsicle crested geckos, xanthic giant geckos, ‘snowflake’ henkeli, red I of P. chahoua, banded chahoua, yellow and black spotted trachryrhynchus and more.
  • Detailed information on sexing with macro shots.
  • Never before published locality data and behavior notes.

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