12 oz Jar Cap issue.

Dry Goods

In early 2023, we made a change to our 12 oz jar lid seal. This was an upgraded seal to help with shipping related issues with the cap coming off when a package was abused while traveling. Our original seal used adhesive on the jar side to glue and seal the barrier to the jar. Our new seal added two spots of adhesive on the back side, which sticks the top of the barrier seal to the inside of the cap, which makes a much stronger package.

Unfortunately, now we have had some complaints that the customer is finding it very difficult to remove the cap from the jar. As of now (April 1st) we have made adjustments in our prodution line to test and make sure the caps are removable. The fact that any jars were allowed into the wild is simply an error on our part because we have always only worried about the caps being tight enoug, so we never considered the opposite could be an issue and that these new seals could be "overkill."

If you have found a 12 oz jar in the wild that you are having a difficult time opening, here are a couple video links to assist you in getting the jar open if you just can't twist it off.

You can simply pry the cap off instead of twisting it, using a screwdriver or similar instrument, or you can heat the lid with a hair dryer or heat gun to soften the glue and then unscrew the cap.


Our apologies for this issue. Please be assured, there is no problem with the actual sealing of the cap or fresness of the ingredients. This is only an inconvenience for opening the jar. Thanks for understanding.


 Allen Repashy